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Journal entries — automated. Complex calculations — instant. ASC 842 & IFRS 16 compliant — always.

How Does Cradle Work

1Sign Up & Get Going

No need for a long-drawn-out sales call or tiresome negotiation. Simply sign up, enter your details and get started with your accounting tasks.

2Input Contract Details

Choose from a plethora of customizable fields and methodologies and let Cradle guide you to the applicable accounting areas of the contract. Input your data and customize the software to your needs.

3Export Journals

Run fast, accurate-to-the-cent calculations and have your journal entries done immediately.

Automate Your Lease Accounting

A complete lease accounting solution for your business

Remove the guesswork and stress that comes with accounting under the new lease accounting standards ASC 842 and IFRS 16. Refine and update your lease accounting processes, all while saving time and money. We also offer complete implementation guidance.

Whether you are a financial controller for a public company, or a small business owner that still needs to adhere to financial reporting requirements, Cradle will save you time by making accounting effortless. Get calculations on your lease entries and journal reports done quickly, precisely, and 100% compliant - at the push of a button.

Pricing is simple and transparent. We charge monthly by the agreement, we start at $200 per month for up to 20 leases. For more info, or if you need a larger plan, please visit our pricing page.

"The only lease accounting problem you’ll have when using Cradle is deciding what to do instead"

Make lease accounting simple

Remove the Clutter

Let Cradle Do the Work

You’ll always have

  • An easy & intuitive way to capture contractual changes in the software.
  • Flexibility to account for any lease permutation or payment scenario.
  • Robust user access profiles.
  • Contract management with custom fields, custom events, document storage and search.
  • Foreign Exchange accounting in accordance with IAS 21 and ASC 830

You’ll no longer have to

  • Maintain a tedious database of legal contracts.
  • Manage a complex excel spreadsheet for each individual lease contract.
  • Perform error-prone net present value calculations manually.
  • Take hours to complete month-end.
  • Not know the status of your lease portfolio.
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What We Offer

Universal Lease Accounting Solution


Upload & keep track of all your lease agreements and documents.


Engineered to the principles of consolidation accounting. Set up your lease portfolio to mirror your entity's corporate structure.


Find your leases from a variety of inputs (eg - commencement date or custom fields).


Don't sweat the finer details of modification accounting. Input the contractual change, and we'll do the rest.


Conveniently export all your reports in a *.csv file. Set up your general ledger codes in Cradle to mirror your accounting ERP.

Secure Access

Multiple users can safely access from anywhere around the world, restricted to the permission levels you dictate.


Calculate net present value with extreme accuracy. Get your journal entry calculations done fast and to the cent.

Ease of Use

Fluid UI, intuitive design, automated entries, and reports - all at the press of a button. Lease accounting has never been easier.

A few modifications that we can do

  • Re-classifications
  • CPI
  • Market rent reviews
  • Decreases in scope
  • Increases in scope
  • Changes to contractual terms (eg. residual value guarantee)
  • Right of use asset changes (eg. impairment)

Don't forget reports

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Journal reports
  • Cash flow statements
  • Disclosures
  • All reports can be run at the agreement, company or parent level

For Accountants, By Accountants

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